The ARCH OF NOË Certainly species of animals of the farm were in the process of disappearance, but thanks to the work and the conviction of Jean Maynard, a 90 year old young man, they are henceforth protected within the Animal Park of Gramat.

The park shelters more than 400 animals, of 40 different species, of which the Crévecoeur hen, the Basque pig or the pig of Bayeux, the horse of Mérens, the Donkey of Poitou, or the sheep of Ouessant. They were the pride of the French stockbreeders, but mechanization and the intensive production eliminated them little by little. Today, our campaigns all resemble each other. From the Camargue in Picardy North, only three to four races of cow and two of pigs, constitute the whole of the French livestock.
Come to the meeting from these single animals, every Monday, you will have the possibility of on the spot buying one of these forgotten animals and you will contribute thus to the backup of a goat of the Pyrenees, of a cock Faverolle or why not, of a Bearnaise cow, whose curious horns are in the shape of lyra.